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Weird Dad

A couple days ago my six year old daughter remarked “Dad, you’re weird” shortly followed by “why don’t you wear ties or carry a brief case?” Because I often work from home I think she is pretty well convinced I don’t work at all. Although she did consent I was able to buy her an iPad which was good. These remarks make me smile. The truth is I do wear a tie on occasion, I really don’t even mind but it’s usually not necessary. I used to carry a briefcase but those are definitely not necessary for most people anymore and when I do carry something its usually my backpack containing my laptop or tablet.

Things have certainly changed with more and more of us able to work remotely from wherever we happen to be at the time. This also usually means less need to “dress up”. Its funny that even with this obvious shift in workstyles that a six year old would perceive some of the old norms and ideals. I have to chalk it up to TV or more likely movies, she loves the classics like Annie, Mary Poppins, Shirley Temple, etc. Regardless of where her perception comes from, I’m sure the realization of how common it is will come and the increasing likelihood her work, whatever it may be, will be more like what I do and less like the briefcase toting tie-wearing businessman of yesteryear.

She is already an expert iPad user and very adept with a laptop. She uses a digital camera, digital video camera, and plays Blu-ray disks. I can assure you the technology she encounters does not in any way resemble what the six year old version of myself did.

I love the way things are changing and the mobility enabled by current technology. I can only imagine where things will go over the next couple decades. I’ve heard it said recently that mobility is the new rich, I’d have to agree. The ability to live and work largely free of location and the bounds of time is available to an increasing number of us. If it is the new rich I can say I am living quite abundantly.

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